Daily Archive: April 10, 2017

What is Alkaline Water? Is It Really Better Than Tap Water?

Water is the most essential substance to our body and we feel refreshed after consuming it. It helps purify our body of various toxins and promote healthy blood flow. When we are young we tend to ignore the importance of drinking enough water many times but its effects can be seen as we grow old. You should never delay drinking water and always consume it before feeling thirsty. If you are consuming lots of water daily you are doing yourself a big favor but are you drinking the most optimum form of water? Our body functions perfectly when its pH level is neutral of about 7.2 but due to our diet and lifestyle this level is not maintained. High fat food and sugar items causes our body to become more acidic which means our pH levels drop from its optimum value. Most of drink tap waters but this form of water does not reduce the acidity as efficiently as alkaline water does.

Alkaline water’ pH level is about 8.8 and it can prove to be healthier for us. In the current era our bodies would work best if we add high alkaline food items in our diet. But just following an alkaline based diet is not enough; our acidity is too high that we need something else. Drinking alkaline water is the ultimate way to make your body work like it is supposed to. Not only does it kill off the free radicals present in your body but it improves your overall body functions. Acidity also weakens our immune system which causes toxins to store in our tissues resulting in fat buildup. Alkaline water would also help you reduce weight by excreting the toxic material off your body. Find more info about alkaline water on www.alkalinewaterfilterexperts.com/benefits.