Daily Archive: May 13, 2017

Do You Care About The Quality of Music?

Mostly people have this concept that amplifiers in the cars are used by people who like to show off their music and cool speakers of the car but the thing is that amplifiers should not be defamed in such a way as they can be used by anyone who cares about the quality of sound that is being played in the car. For many people, cars are their babies and they want every part of the car to be the best as one would want that his/her baby get the best thing possible so people buy the best car amplifier so that they can enjoy their music.

Amplifiers are devices which are used to amplify the power of a signal. It is an important electronic device which has been in use since a long time. Lee De Forest was the first person to invent a device which could amplify sound and it was called triode vacuum tube. Due to his invention, the very first proper amplifiers were made in 1912 and from there the design and functionality of amplifiers improved greatly. An interesting point is that till 1970s, vacuum tubes were used to amplify the signal but then transistors were invented and they were used in amplifiers for most of the devices.

When we are talking about amplifiers used for music, they are audio power amplifiers which are not only used in cars but also to amplify sounds of other instruments like guitar, drums etc. With the use of amplifiers, the sound level of the instrument is increased which causes the sound to be clearer and of better quality. There are many types of amplifiers that are used for different purposes and in different devices. The formula of measurement for amplification is by its gain.