Daily Archive: October 18, 2017

Top DJ Headphones

DJ headphones are a great tool for any music lover regardless of whether they actually are a DJ themselves or whether you just like listening to music in high quality, DJ headphones can be very helpful for you. As far as what equipment you should get for yourself if you are interested in buying DJ headphones, this article will be listing and talking about some of the best headphones made in 2017 that are available for you to buy. So if you want to buy some cool DJ headphones, just read on.

So to start with we will look at one of the best headphones that came out in 2017, the Audio – Technica ATH M50X. These headphones are definitely on the pricier side of the spectrum but you get exactly what you pay for in this situation. At 300 dollars you should expect some amazing and high quality sound quality coming towards you with these headphones. Listening to music on this is another experience altogether as you start noticing undertones and instruments that you had not previously noticed in songs you have been listening to for years. You will hear the highest high note and the lowest base drop in absolute clarity when you use these headphones.

Next we have the V – Moda Crossfade M – 100 headphones. This model has a sound quality that is only rivaled by how cool the headphones themselves look. Comparatively cheaper than most of the other headphones you can find, these amazing foldable headphones will be a steal for you. Rumor has it that these headphones have become really popular with a lot of music producers and musicians in the industry and that these are used in a lot of studio productions for songs. You cannot go wrong with these beyond amazing set of headphones.