Daily Archive: March 9, 2018

Private Criminal Defense Lawyers: Why They Are Better

If you have been charged for any sort of felony or criminal activity, you know that it can have serious implications, and depending on the type of allegation, it can at worst, put you behind bars for a number of years. You have the right to defend yourself in a court and present your case to prove your innocence, however you will not have the necessary knowledge to know how to do that. This is why it is imperative that you hire a public criminal defense lawyer to look over your case and handle everything for you.

A private criminal defense lawyer, as we mentioned above, will take over and handle everything. This includes all the necessary paperwork, evidence and witness collection and all other legal proceedings, so you know that everything is being looked over by an actual professional.

A private lawyer will have the luxury to spend as much time as they need talking to their client, going over their case and getting all the necessary details and information that can later allow them to have an upper hand in court whenever they might need it. Private criminal lawyers, depending on their status and influence, have better resources. This can include getting experts on the stand during court, having private labs run certain tests and so on. You can always reach your private lawyer on call or email whenever you may need to, and that accessibility is important. Lastly, the best thing about private lawyers is that if you do not feel comfortable with one, you can easily switch to the next, which isn’t something you can do with a court appointed lawyer. Phillips & Associates is a private law firm that handle criminal and felony cases, you can simply read their Facebook posts to know how to be able to reach out to them.