Daily Archive: March 11, 2018

Why Your Ab Belt Might Not Be Working

Nobody likes feeling like they have a perpetual food baby. In the beginning we could attribute it to bloating, but when we realize that it’s still the same, we come to terms with the fact that this will become permanent and we now need to work on our core. However, there is no easy way to have a flat stomach or defined abs. The celebrities and trainers we see have a very restrictive and specialized diet that allows them to be able to maintain and have the type of body they have.

Now investing in muscle toning belts can be a great idea and if you have one and it’s been over 8 weeks since you have been using it with no visible different or result, you might be understandably annoyed. However, there can be a few reasons why your ab belt might not be working.

  • If you have bought the wrong belt, and by wrong, we mean and illegitimate and counterfeit one, it could be why it isn’t working. There are a lot of sellers online that sell fake ab belts that actually don’t do anything. So you need to be wary of them.
  • If your diet and eating habits continue to be unhealthy, you cannot expect the ab belt to work. Ab belts work on strengthening and defining your abdominal muscle but if you continue to have the same diet intake, you will still have the same amount of fat in your body.
  • Not exercising at all will not help your case either. Your body will still need activity to keep your metabolism active and allow the ab belt to have more muscle to work with. It doesn’t have to be extremely straining activities, even walking or cycling regularly can help speed up and complement the process.