Daily Archive: December 7, 2018

Fertilize Your Bonsai Tree in a Proper Manner

Bonsai trees are planted and maintained by people who wish to practice patience and perseverance whilst decorating a space. Whenever people see the miniature attractive trees, they get excited and plan on buying them but they overlook the fact that maintenance of these specific trees is not a peace of cake. If you are serious about keeping a bonsai tree in your office or home then you need to know how to fertilize it properly so that it can prosper and be healthy.

You can always give bonsaitreegardening.com a visit for additional information on bonsai trees but if you want to know about fertilizing particularly then just continue reading.

Time of Fertilization

The time of fertilization that is advised is from early spring to mid autumn as that is the growth season. Some people say that indoor plants can be fertilized throughout the year but we would suggest that you look further into that. The mix that you use for fertilization should contain phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Since the species of bonsai trees is not one, you need to search about fertilizing the particular bonsai tree according to its species, health, age, time of year etc.

Method of Fertilization

The fertilizer comes in two forms i.e. the solid and liquid. When using a solid fertilizer, it is placed in each pots or cups so that it remains in one place, protected from water flow and birds. The pots or cups are placed in the soil where they work their magic. The liquid fertilizer is used when the tree inns being watered. You can find out about the frequency and nutrient information from the box of the fertilizer. Make sure that you choose a good brand of fertilizer or your bonsai tree will not prosper.