A Caring Doctor

It is difficult finding a doctor who actually cares about the well being of the patient on a personal level. For many people going to the doctor has simply become a situation where they feel they cannot really talk to the doctor about any problem at all. People feel that they simply go in to be tested and then told what to do without any proper regard for how they feel about certain procedures and that they are not given a chance to say that they might disagree with the tests a doctor might want to try out.

Patients feel that it is extremely difficult to find a doctor that actually bothers listening to them, and nearly impossible finding a doctor that actually cares about what goes on with the patient on a personal level. It seems that the values that doctors used to hold dear have gone out the window and there is a new line of doctors who simply do not care enough about anything unless they are getting paid. Well with D. Ian Kroes and his belief in concierge medical care, you can bring back the old values of care and concern from a doctor.

Dr. Ian Kroes believes that there needs to be a relationship between the patient and the doctor for there to be a properly successful treatment. It is the ideology on which he runs his institute, the peninsula doctor, and he believes that being able to make sure the patient recovers fully goes beyond just prescribing medicines and starting procedures. You need to have a level of care, compassion, and trust for these things to work. If the patient believes in the abilities of the doctor and trusts them to make good decisions, then they will be more likely to follow through on treatments.