A Simple Workaround to Android’s Factory Resetting Protection

Everyone is well aware of Google’s Android OS; a highly reliable smartphone OS that is loved by everyone who wishes to have an open and unrestricted smartphone experience. We all know that in order to use an Android device, one needs to link it with their Google Account, this dependency is not there just for convenience’s sake, it also enables Google to provide better security for their Android devices. One way on which this makes data more secure on one’s device is that it prevents people from factory resetting a device unless they have access to the account that has been linked to the device.

This feature definitely makes data security more effective, but it also means that if you forget your account’s password then you have no way of wiping your device and properly resetting it. Thanks to developers out there, a workaround has been made for this very problem, anyone who has lost access to their device’s data wiping because of a forgotten password can install the FRP bypass app on their device and use it to factory reset their phone without having to recall their account’s details.

This app is available for any android device that runs on Android Lollipop and builds that have come after it, this app is a bit trickier to use than most due to its technical nature, but once you develop a basic understanding of it then you are good to go. Luckily the app has a pretty good webpage where one can go to download its APK, figure out how to install the app and get it working and then how to use it to bypass the Google verification step that comes up when you try to factory reset your device. Take a look at its webpage for more.