Above The Century

The vision that bats conjure up in the minds of many people is less than favourable which can cause some instability in the areas they live. They are slow to reproduce so giving them a place to live safely can be incredibly helpful to them and it helps you out too. We spend a lot of money on bug spray and repellents to keep away those annoying pests, a mosquito infestation can be awful. These bats can eat a large number of mosquitoes and are integral to controlling the insect population. It sure beats buying more bug spray all the time.

You can find a bat house for sale easily enough online. Big bat boxes have a large storage capacity with hundreds of bats able to find shelter in these structures made specifically for their well-being. Though, you should understand that bats can be very picky about where they stay and your bat house can remain vacant for a significant amount of time before it really sees any bats start to take up occupancy in it. If you’re mounting one up in the hopes that the colony moves from your attic to the bat house, you have another thing coming.

The temperature needs to be right and the location has to be safe for them to settle into your bat house. They are nocturnal creatures so naturally a bat house should be dark even when the sun is out. Or at least as dark as it can get like the inside of a tree. These bat houses are usually shaped to look like what a bat would have if it used a tree to settle and the simplistic designs means that anyone can make their own but there are standards to be met and buying them might be easier.