Advance to a Cool Level of Drawing

Drawing different objects or being is not an easy thing but if you think that you have mastered that then it is perhaps time to move on and try to get to a new level of drawing. Every child has tried to draw one thing or the other with whatever tools he was offered because drawing is in our nature and soul. Drawing does not mean to draw elaborate designs and mighty things, it can be as simple as drawing a circle or a house. After being perfect at the basics, you should not have any trouble at drawing things that are a bit complicated. If you have always wanted to have cool things to draw then you are in the right place as we will be giving you so many cool ideas that if you draw each of them, your sketch pad would be finished and full of cool drawings that will always be proud of so now let us get on to the ideas.


Landmarks and monuments are not easy to draw and they are definitely things to be termed cool so the best idea would be start drawing landmarks of your own country and then move onto international famous landmarks.

Add Texture

If you add texture to a drawing, it would give depth and life to the drawing that would not be achievable without the texture. You can take up any simple object like a tree, lips, floor, doors, bags etc. and try to add the finer details to them.

Design And Patterns

If you want to be a little unconventional then you should try to add patterns and designs to traditional things like a human body, pyramids, mountains, animals and what not and remember to color or shade the designs.