All You Want

Mountain bikes aren’t a lot like other bikes. They’re meant for outdoor and more particularly, for off-road usage and make great for travelling. If a cross-country trip was ever in your agenda and you don’t mind putting in the effort than a mountain bike is by far one of the most enjoyable ways to go about it. Of course, peddling across the country isn’t everyone’s idea method of transport but for those that see the appeal in it, you can get a lot of distance off these bikes and the terrain isn’t going to be as cumbersome for you if you were taking a bike that was meant for paved concrete.

Though riding along the highways can be enjoyable too, if you’re going to go out into the wilderness it’d be a shame not to explore a little and discover scenery you never could see in the city. Mountain biking and off-road travel can be tough work for beginners, single speed mountain bikes make it more so. But for what those single speed bikes have to do with effort, they make up for in giving you a crash course in everything related to mountaineering with bikes.

A veteran on single speed bikes can easily tell you that though single speed can be more work, it delivers in performance and it’s also a lot easier to maintain, requiring lesser upkeep and as a result you’ll have more to spend on other important features like the tires or the frames. Of course, finding a good bike to ride is easier said than done. There are so many different models that narrowing them down can be quite the hassle. Thankfully, a shortened version of single speed mountain bikes that make the bang for your buck can be found here at