America’s Finest Stainless Steel Business Cards

Using business cards made of metal is a gradually rising trend in America’s corporate networking society, mostly due to the fact that a well-made metal card can last for a long time and leave a much stronger impression on the receiver. However, if a metal card isn’t etched and cut properly, or is made of low quality metal that makes it easy to bend and tarnish then it won’t be as effective, so make sure to have your cards made by someone who knows how to please. Someone like metal kards, a company with several decades of experience in the business card making industry.

Metal Kards realizes that people tend to hold onto metal cards for longer and give them greater value, which is why they make their cards using quality stainless steel that can withstand the test of time. The company provide three levels of thickness, a standard 0.3mm thickness that matches the thickness of normal business cards, a thickness of 0.5mm that is around the same as most credit cards and finally a thickness of 0.7mm for people who want to make their cards feel as premium as possible.

They can apply various types of finish to each card to make them look gold, silver, black or copper, you can choose between matte, brushed or polished, all of which look superb. Thanks to their use of precise laser etching, the company can produce great amounts of detail on your card and make every card look incredibly fine. You can go to Metal Kards’ website to submit a form to receive a free sample packet that lets you get a feel of what they’re offering, you can also get in touch with them form there and find out more about some of the best metal cards in all of America.