Centaur Tree Services: An Introduction to The Company

Tree surgery is a complex and complicated job and for that job you should use the services of a great arborist company, just like you would prefer to go to a reputed surgeon for your surgery. We are a family based business who gives out a wide spectrum of services which range from care of the trees to arboriculture and also includes maintenance, replanting and pollarding etc.

Since it is a family run business, we can assure you that all our work would be done by ourselves and that customer care is our utmost priority. All our prospective customers are welcomed to ask us of any quotations they may seek no matter how big or small their budget is. We believe that you should hire the services of a professional arborist from Centaur Tree Services because it is a dangerous and complex task. Dangerous in the sense that it usually involves unearthing heavy trees and involves the use of heavy machinery as well. Complex in the sense that an arborist has to use his knowledge and experience to calculate and plan out the tree removal or replantation. Hence you should only trust someone who is certified and has the required experience and tools to do the job like us.

Our services include a wide array of things, which include Felling which is the removal and recycling of timber, planting which includes planting trees in the best possible way for them, Milling which includes using your tree wood to use carpentry and churn something useful for you like a wooden ladder, taking care of the deadwood, reducing and pruning the trees to give them a healthy and beautiful shape. Other than that we are also available for consultancy services and you can contact us anytime and we will give you advice like no one else.