Choosing a Bitcoin Wallet

If you are someone who has invested any money in bitcoin, or any other form of crypto currency for that matter, you will know that this form of currency is not tangible and you need to store information digitally about how much of a type of currency you own. If you are experienced in the crypto currency market you will also know that people try to steal your data and the crypto currency that you own, especially if you own some bitcoin. To keep your currency safe you will need to invest in a bitcoin hardware wallet. A bitcoin hardware wallet is basically like a USB drive or an external hard drive that can store information.

You can put the information in the external drives and add a few passcodes or private keys to prevent it from being accessed by any other person. The best thing is that unlike bitcoin information stored on a computer, on a phone, or online, this cannot be stolen through a virus or through malware as the storage space is one that is not connected to the internet.

There are a number of bitcoin hardware wallets around but one of the best ones available is the Nano S which is made by the company Ledger. This bitcoin hardware wallet has a clean and sleek design and is definitely something that will keep your investments safe. One of the best features that it has is the second factor anti malware protection. This feature will let you check and confirm the transactions being shown on screen and you can match it up with commands on physical buttons attached to the hardware wallet. This ensures that even if you end up connecting the wallet to a computer that has malware on it already, you will not have to worry.