Common Household Pests And How You Can Get Rid of Them

Household pests are the equivalent of your house getting sick and just how you would go see a doctor when you’re down with a cold, your house also needs a doctor when you spot pests crawling about the place. Pests can infest all kinds of houses so whether you live in an apartment or a town house doesn’t matter all that much. Older houses are more prone to pests such as termites but that doesn’t mean that perfectly new houses are safe from termites either – long story short, pests can infest all kinds of houses.

Here’s a few very common pests that you’re likely to find crawling around your place:


Termites are very easy to spot; if you have curious little piles of powder near your furniture or if you can see small holes, there’s a very good chance that there’s termite activity going on. Termites can ruin your furniture and also compromise the structural integrity of your house, especially so if you’re living in a wooden house.


Ants will pile up by the thousands on anything sweet or edible that you leave lying around in your kitchen and since they’re always foraging for food, they can sneak into your wardrobe and get in your clothes as well. Ant bites are very common and can cause skin problems if you have sensitive skin.


Roaches usually breed in dark and damp places like your gutters and drains; once they’ve multiplied in numbers, they’re likely to surface and then you’ll see them in pretty much every corner of your house and that’s just nasty.

Fortunately, you can speak to Neighborly Pest MGMT, an expert in pest control Folsom to run a diagnosis and find out what pests need to be dealt with at your house before they can cause any harm.