Curing The Incurable

For a very long time there were a lot of different diseases and illnesses that humans have assumed have absolutely no cure or treatment for. Even if there is treatment, there often is not too great a result and the treatments can be very expensive. In this article we will talk about how something like cannabis oil and medical marijuana can be used to help treat, and in some cases potentially cure, a lot of these diseases or illnesses. However, before that we must discuss the fact that a lot of different researches and labs that are testing the benefits and uses of cannabis oil are unable to do so because of the general perception of cannabis being a dangerous drug and not bringing any benefit to any person. We generally need to change our perception of cannabis oil and medicinal marijuana because it can actually end up stopping the funding these researchers get. The perception of the general public can have a huge hand in what medicines get researched and if cannabis oil will be available to the public to buy now in the form of medicine from dispensaries.

We need to keep an open mind as the support from the general public can end up helping a lot of people, many of whom cannot have a normal life without the help of something like cannabis oil. Humans have always used this herb for centuries and it really was not until the mid 1900s when marijuana got scandalized on the back of racist reasons. Being able to use cannabis oil can help people who suffer from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and insomnia, fight back and live normally. It can help battle Alzheimer’s in older people, and new research shows it can kill cancer cells.