Different Powders of Harvest Industries

The people who take protein shake would attest to the fact that not all of them tickle the buds of our tongue. Many taste so foul that you have to squash down your dislike and just chug it down. Many taste so bland that it will make you feel like you are drinking cardboard in liquid form. There are very less people who would ignore the bad taste and would choose to focus on its benefits. Yet companies tend to overlook this fact and continue to produce dreadful tasting supplements.

Even though Harvest Industries is new, it is slowly but gradually earning its fame because of its all natural products like best natural protein powder and amazing flavors. The owners, Daniel Wight and Dale Baumgart, knewthat the taste is as necessary as the benefits. Keeping that in mind, they hired a nutritionist and formulated different supplements until they found the perfect formula.

Now let us look at the different ingredients that they use in one their supplements. The list would tell you of the benefits and taste too. For the ingredients of other supplements, kindly visit their website.

Berry Blast

vanilla_large-gifThis product contains acai berries which are rich in anti-oxidants; it increases immunity and houses good fats. Blueberries are a good source of anti-oxidants which helps the heart and blood pressure. The best natural protein powder has chia seeds which are known to house benefits and contain omega 3 fats, calcium and fiber. Organic pumpkin seed contains a good amount of magnesium and other nutrients too. Organic maca root is another ingredient which is good source of vitamin B, C and E and helps the immune system and increases stamina. Maca root is sometimes known as the miracle ingredient too. Sunflower seed also is a good source of vitamin E. It also contains coconut milk, psyllium husk and some other ingredients too.