Different Types of Message Therapies You Can Go For

Just like all the other professions in the world, professional massage therapies also come in specialized departments that you can opt for. Massage is not just referred to as lying upside down on a table with a towel on your back and someone massaging your shoulders. There are a lot of specific branches of massaging that you can try out.

Foot Massage

Foot massage therapy, or also sometimes known as reflexology, is a specific specialized skill within massaging that takes years to master. It is good for the blood circulation to send some throughout your spinal cord and rotate some around your brain.

The Basic One

Shoulder massaging is one of the most common forms of massages that jumps up to the mind every time someone generally mentions the world “massaging”, just like people stereotype weightlifting with going to the gym. However, it is completely relaxing.

The Head

One of the common stereotypes of massaging are also associated with the head… or the forehead massages. One lays down on the table as the massage therapist will massage all your worries away from your temples to make you more relaxed and conscious when making decisions.

Back Chops

A traditional tribal Chinese form of massaging is doing the kungfu chops on the upper, chopping down the lower back of the body. It is extremely effective and really good for relaxing, and at the same time, waking up your nervous system to start working.

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