Do You Have The Right BJJ Gi For Your Routine?

It is important to get the right BJJ Giuniform for the kind of practice you are in because it is an essential part of these practices. BJJ Gi uniforms in today’s market are available in a number of options. There are different aspects of these Gis that make each one of the design different from the others. To pick the right one for your routine, you might want to go through the best BJJ Gi reviews that analyze these uniforms based on different things like weight, material, cost and many other factors essential to your practice. People who have been doing BJJ for over a number of years know that the options back in the day were quite limited with only one or two variants of basic BJJ Gis as compared to today that gives you so many options to pick your uniform from that you can get easily confused. To make matters simple, these are reviewed based on a number of features so you can list down a number of things that you are looking for in your Gi. It is better to give more weightage to reviews that come from people who have been in practice for a long time so they have ample experience with different kinds of Gis to give an honest and detailed review about the good and even the bad aspects of different Gis.

psgd2As a general matter of choice, people who need to wear their uniforms for longer than their usual practice session prefer lightweight Gis. The main concern about these is the durability but there is no need to worry because modern lightweight Gis are as sturdy as any other variant and still has some weight. The next important part is the size which you should check by trying out the Gis to ensure both the sleeve length and the rest of it is a good fit for you.