Elephant Island is Among Largest Islands of Thailand

Koh Chang in Thailand is known famously as Elephant Island not because you will find any elephants there but because of the uniquely shaped headland that looks like an elephant. It is among the largest islands of Thailand. Although there has been a lot of development for tourism in this area, it has still managed to keep its ruggedness intact. It is this remoteness and ruggedness that people find most attractive. The scenic beauty is among the main things people enjoy the most there. The mountains are covered with trees, the waterfalls are breathtaking, there is a large variety of coral reefs and you can find many accommodation options from huts to resorts. Once you get to Koh Chang for your vacation, all your doubts will vanish because the place has a lot of things and activities to offer its visitors and whoever visits this place always takes a number of memories with them. The island is a green piece of land with about 70% of the area covered with rainforests, beaches and mountains. If you are travelling to the eastern side, you will find many waterfalls that are simply mesmerizing.

koh-chang-greenIf you are considering this place as your next tourist destination, you ca find more about the place at kochangisland.com. As far as the seasons to visit are concerned, there are three seasons that are preferred by people to visit this place. The busiest among them is the cooler season that spans from November up till February. With the most comfortable season, you are greeted with clear blue skies, daily sunshine and calm seas so you can enjoy the team without feeling too hot or too cold when outside your accommodation place. This is also the time when the best places will already be booked because people flock to this beautiful island for an enjoyable vacation.