How to Read eBooks

Reading is a great activity that can help you improve your intelligence and can also enable you to enjoy some light entertainment that is actually mentally stimulating rather than being a brainless activity the way it is with TV shows and movies. The problem with this is that books are made of paper, paper comes from trees and the manner in which these trees are cut down is just not sustainable and it often results in deforestation which can have some pretty significant environmental consequences.

eBooks are a great option that is a lot more sustainable because it uses absolutely no paper, but most people feel like reading on your smartphone is just not a very good experience. Scrolling downwards is not the same as flipping a page, and the screen is often too small for you which can cause headaches and is otherwise just not as fun as having a nice book in your hands.

There is a way for you to be environmentally conscious and actually your reading experience, and this is by shifting your eBooks to your laptop. You can simply download Bluestacks for PC and your OS would be accessible from a laptop! After signing in you would find all of your apps just as they would look on your phone along with all of your eBooks. A laptop screen is much larger than that of a smartphone so you can see the letters far clearly. The large screen also facilitates a sweeping motion that mimics flipping a page. It’s not quite the same as reading an actual book, you don’t get that amazing book smell for example, but it is important to understand that the environment benefits from this so future generations would certainly thank you for it!