I Just Bought a Convertible For My Baby! What? Your Infant Drives?!

Did you know that you can buy a convertible for your new born baby? Sounds so cool, does it not?! Well, when I say “convertible”, I really mean a stork craft Tuscany 4 in 1 convertible crib.No, it is not too good to be true. It is too good and it is very true! And not just that but it is really affordable too, unlike some convertibles.

So What Exactly Does it Transform Into?
This convertible can take 4 amazing shapes that have a high utility.

  1. The Crib. Obviously, being a crib, the first option of conversion that it comes in    as a default is a baby’s crib. But it is not just any crib, it is a cheap crib with great quality   and non-toxic finished material on top of it so your baby will stay safe.
  2. The Toddler Bed. The second option of conversion is one into a toddler bed. It     can be converted into a safe little toddler bed for your baby to take its nap in, on a bed        of its own.
  3. The Daybed. If your toddler is busy being carried and rocked by some relatives    and you want to watch a movie with your cousins, you can turn the convertible into a         daybed and relax on it.
  4. Full-sized bed. Finally, the forth and the most interesting conversion is one into a            full-sized bed. If your baby is grown up, you can convert this crib and utilize it as a full-       sized bed for your baby to sleep on.

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