Keep a Few Things in Mind Before Using Skin Roller

Derma roller is your household easy to use tool to rejuvenate your skin. It comes in many sizes that include needle sizes and number of needles. There are a few things to keep in mind before you start using it by yourself. The direction is the key in this procedure. Make sure you use it in all directions on the affected region to ensure best results. Note here the results are not immediate rather they take about a month to appear. Since the tool has needles to puncture your skin for the desired effect, you must expect some discomfort or slight pain in the beginning. If you are too sensitive, you may use a numbing cream and leave it for 20 minutes on your skin before you start using the skin roller. Make sure you moisturize your skin after you use a derma roller so the moisturizer can go deep in the skin and make it nourished.

micro-needling-skinney-medspaThere are certain rules that apply to using and keeping the product that you should be careful about. A rule of thumb is to keep your derma roller sanitized. Make sure you sanitize it before and after every use. Keep your skin completely makeup free before you use the tool so the best time of using this tool is before sleeping at night. Your skin will show redness and will be a bit swollen after the use so doing it at night will allow the skin enough time to calm down before you start your daily skin routine. Another thing that you need to be very careful about if you are doing it at home is not to overdo it. Too much rolling can cause bleeding and trauma. Start with rolling once a month and increase subsequently depending on the reaction of your skin after each session.