Mailchimp, Zoho and Xero: Small Businesses’ Favorite

As it seems Mailchimp, Zoho and Xero have become the new favorites for small businesses. We will explain the reasons for this rise in popularity in just a few moments. If you are a small business owner, then we are pretty sure that you will enjoy this article from beginning till end.

Zoho + Mailchimp Integration:

Zoho allows you to have an easy way to store your contacts. Thanks to this integration now you can send email campaigns to your contacts from Zoho through Mailchimp. It will make things a lot easier and more efficient.

Thanks to this smart integrations small business owners won’t have to struggle when sending email campaigns to their contacts. It will be a lot easier an efficient in fact, especially for business owners whose tech skills are not the best.

And in fact, Zoho and Mailchimp have explained that the principal purpose of this integration is to make things easier for small business owners. Now sending email campaigns is a lot easier and efficient thanks to these two companies!

XERO: Bookkeeping and Accounting Made Easy.

XERO has become into the top choice for small business owners who want to manage their own bookkeeping and accounting. Because this company’s purpose has been the same: to make it easy for small business owners to keep track on their own accounting and manage their bookkeeping in an effortless manner.

Let’s face it: accounting can be very boring. But thanks to XERO’s platform it’s a lot easier and more efficient for the average small business owner. If you would like to try XERO, then you should know that they have very affordable plans that go according to your own needs.

We have to say that XERO is a tool that every single small business owner out there should have. It’s not so expensive and will simplify your life quite a lot. You just need to visit their website and see what they have to offer you.

Email Marketing Tips:

So, as we are talking about Mailchimp and Zoho’s recent integration, it’d be great to give you some good email marketing tips.

Email marketing can be very powerful and efficient when used correctly. But there point is there: how can you use it in the best way? It’s not so hard in fact, you just need to be smart.

No Spam:

Please, never send spam. It’s the easiest way to piss people off and make them unsubscribe from your email list. Always try to send valuable info or good promotions. You can send promotions when you want, but not every single day. 1-2 times a week seems to be the sweet spot.

Valuable Content:

If you have a blog in your website, then you should try to add good and valuable content and then send it to your contacts. It will help them and as a result they will be more prone to opening your emails when you send them. So give it a try.