Medical Marijuana: How Does it Relieve Chronic Pain?

Once recognized for its recreational purposes by the public, marijuana has become quite popular in the past decade; gaining respect and validity for its multitudinous benefits. There is a term known as ‘medical marijuana’ where the drug is used as a medicine regarding health problems. Due to its health benefits, many states have legalized the drug but it still has a long way to go. From treating simple health matters like nausea and headaches to severe illnesses like cancer and multiple sclerosis; medical marijuana has proved its outstanding capabilities.

downloadWhen it comes to severe and painful migraines, medical marijuana is the key. A study by University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus proved that people in taking the drug experienced lower to no headaches at all compared to people who did not use the drug and experience severe headaches. While there is no research that proves the relation between the two, there are theories that suggest that marijuana helps with the stress; a key factor that has been known to trigger migraines.

A study at McGill University researched on how marijuana is responsible for preventing chronic pain related to the nerve. The results showed that the drug does not treat the pain; it merely makes the pain more bearable by reducing the activity that is required for sending the pain signals to the brain. It is important to not medical marijuana can be used for reducing the intensity of the chronic pain regardless of its cause. Too much consumption of the drug can lead to severe health consequences; you must take the right amount of dosage. You will have to pass the online medical marijuana evaluation to get the card that will serve as a free pass to become eligible for the drug.