Methods of Including Protein Powder in Your Diet

Health awareness is rising these days thanks to the influence of media, social media. Part of the awareness is awareness about protein powder and its benefit. The name says it all that provides protein to the body when it is taken in. Protein powder is very common with people who work out and especially with people who want to bulge but let us tell you a lesser known fact that protein powder is even good for people who want to lose weight. If you are thinking that it is impossible then it is not because protein powder provides the body with the necessary nutrients which keep the body feeling healthy and full which decreases the appetite.

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We understand that some people avoid drinking protein shake because they do not like the taste, smell or consistency of it and some just get tired of drinking the shake so we have written down a couple of methods that will allow you to include protein powder in your diet if you adopt them.

Protein Pancakes or Waffles

A great way to incorporate protein powder is to make waffles out of it. In your batter of pancakes or waffles, add the protein powder, egg whites, oats and mashed banana and cook them as you usually would.

Sprinkle on Salad

We recommend that when you are making a sweet salad for yourself, you should sprinkle some protein powder in it.


You can even cook your own crepe with protein powder and egg whites and we assure you that it will taste amazing.