Most Effective Exercises to Burn Calories

When we join a training program we want to have lean physique and well-defined body in the minimum amount of time without any side effects. Gone are the days when people had to take injections of steroids and other harmful supplements in order to achieve an attractive look and for that not only do they suffer later on in lives but have several adverse effects such as bloating of body, stretch marks, and protruded belly. Now most exercise scientists are working day and night to come up with the most effective fitness plan and most of them agree that strength training and HIIT can do wonders for various body types regardless of gender and age. Many women fear of being bulky when they think about lifting weights but it is quite the contrary as the more muscles you have in your body the lesser fat would be stored beneath your skin.

Squats of different types are considered to increase the muscles synthesis in your body and increase the testosterone production which torches the fat that covers your muscles. Front squats are most effective and once you load yourself with adequate amount of weight you have to keep your trunk straight which also activates the abdominal muscles.

Whether you go to a CrossFit club or a traditional gym the first thing your instructor would ask you to do to is push-ups. This is the best exercise to develop overall strength and promote symmetry throughout your body. When starting out you can crank out some reps with the support of your knees and once you become proficient at it you can move onto the next level. Crunches and leg raise are also highly effective and for personal training in Los Angeles check out the webpage of Sweat Equity Fitness.