Protein Rich Flowers

While there is a large variety of edible flowers in the world, you most probably have not heard of flowers that come loaded with protein and meaty goodness. The Manly Man Company is a small business that aims to change that by introducing the first every beef jerky flower bouquets into the market, the company focuses on providing people with gifts that can be given to guys and hardy men. Their line of flowers can be browsed through on their website and you can order them from there as well, the company also provides options for a bit of customisation that makes these edible flowers even more fun.

Every flower that they have to offer is carefully crafted to look its best, the company also pays attention to taste and offers three different flavours; original, hot and teriyaki, the last one being suitable for people who are intolerant to gluten. The packaging and presentation of these flowers is also taken care of by the company, the bouquet is arranged in a neat looking glass container that can be used later on and the whole thing comes in a simple and bold looking black cardboard box. The box provides ample protection and keeps its contents safe from harm.

These jerky flowers start at $45, the price goes up as depending on the quantity you order, once received, they should be eaten within two to three days to keep them from drying up, every bouquet comes with its own expiry date on its packaging. You can find all the nutritional facts and other nitty gritty details about the bouquet on the company’s website, soget in touch with them and place an order for your delicious and fascinating beef jerky flower bouquet, the company is also set to launch rose shaped flowers as well.