Reliable And Free

The single biggest problem that any Apple user has always faced is the amount of restrictions that Apple places on its smartphone’s usage, most of the times this problem isn’t really that much of a nuisance but it becomes fairly obvious when you want to get an app that isn’t available on the app store or is paid. People with android can simply go online and get an apk of the app that they want or root their phones and do whatever they want, iOS however, is a lot more secure and in order to bypass all that security you need to jailbreak the phone.

install-vshare-on-ios-8Jailbreaking your phone leads to a whole different set of troubles, first of all the entire process is pretty complex and runs the risk of “bricking” your phone, locking its software and making it useless. Once you do manage to jailbreak it your phone loses a lot of its features and becomes a pain to use, having to go through all this trouble just for an app is pretty absurd, but luckily there is an alternative solution. Instead of jailbreaking the phone, you can simply download vshare, a reliable and totally free app market that is loaded with all kinds of apps, old and new.

Vshare has been around for quite a while and was first made to address this problem that many apple users face, the app market makes the entire process extremely simple and lets you access apps of all kinds without any trouble whatsoever,  it also has a number of popular paid apps available for free. In order to get vshare, simply click the vshare download button on the app’s website and install it on your phone. Once you have this alternate app market on your phone, feel free to browse through and expanded app selection.