Short-Term Apartments: Are They For You?

In case you are not familiar with the concept, a short-term apartment is basically an apartment that you can lease for just 6 months or less. The lease can be go month-to-month or can last for 3 months. It isn’t a very popular thing since short-term rental apartments tend to put the property owner in a stressful spot because they have to deal with finding another tenant quickly to maintain occupancy. However, there are a couple of neighborhoods and businesses that are actually centered round short-term leasing. The Royal Living Group for example, offers fully furnished short-term rental apartments to its clients.

The biggest advantage that comes with short-term apartments is the flexibility it provides and how it can be a great option for people at a transitionary period. For example, people who are travelling for vacations can end up saving costs by renting an apartment rather than going to a hotel. Similarly, people who are temporarily at a different city for work-related purposes can end up leasing a short-term apartment. Lastly, people who might be house-hunting in the city, or who need a temporary place to stay while their house is getting renovated etc. can make use of short-term rental apartments. So, a lot of people can make use of it.

However, it is important to remember that short-term apartment rentals are actually priced a little more expensive, not to mention the fact that if you happen to have a month-to-month lease, your rent can be increased at the end of every month when you have to renew your lease. Of course if you choose a reliable landlord and are able to afford it, a short-term apartment rental can be a great option for you. So, make sure that you do your research before you sign your contract.