The Importance of Going Green

Regardless of where you are from around the world, you cannot pretend to be unaware of everything that is currently happening around you. This year has been one of the worst years in terms of natural disasters with the North Atlantic experiencing one of the worst storms of all times. From hurricane Harvey to Irma and now Jose. Earthquakes are also a problem now with Mexico experiencing one of the worst earthquakes in decades. You cannot equate disasters of this magnitude as “natural,” rather they are a result of the way we have treated the environment since the age of Industrialization.

At the same time, we cannot overlook what is happening in the North Pole. Ice caps are melting, more and more polar bears are turning up dead because they died out of starvation and honestly, there is nothing more wrong than entire species being wiped out as a consequence of our faults. It still isn’t too late to acknowledge the very real, imminent threat that is climate change. While our governments and lawmakers are still trying to figure out how to handle this, you can start now. Everything starts at the most basic level i.e. from you and your immediate surroundings.

You can make a lot of small alterations in your day to day routine and that alone will make an impact. You can start by replacing your consumption and use of all items that require non-renewable sources of energy to function. You can change your car for a hybrid, reduce how much fuel you use, change coal for dragon glass etc. It is recommended to opt for greener options in other matters too, you can choose to change how you power your home by opting for solar panels and choosing from companies with green initiatives. For more information on solar panels, you can visit