Tired of Having Too Many Apps on Your Android Device?

If you have a number of apps on your phone that came with it and you cannot decide which ones to delete or when you do, you can really do nothing about it, chances are you probably do not need most of them and you are just too hesitant to delete them because you are always too careful about “what ifs”. Here is a thought process you should run by your brain if you hesitate:

1. Do I use them at least once a day?
2. Are they of extreme importance?
3. Is it for necessity or pleasure?
4. Am I just keeping it for highscores?
5. Am I going to need them in the near future?

If you answered at least 2 of the above questions in favor to deletion, it is highly unlikely that the others will be against it.

But Why Should I?
If you still find yourself in disagreement with your decision, here are 2 good reasons why you should consider learning how to remove pre installed apps on android using iRoot, as iroot is one of the easier rooting services:

Space! These pre-installed apps take up too much of your space… if not general then probably a fraction of the working memory. This results in the overall performance of your phone. If you want to use your phone to the max, you should delete the pre-installed apps.

Swipe, swipe, swipe! If you are tired of swiping left and right on your menu, it is probably because of the too many pre-installed apps that you need to get rid of. It will make your screen much cleaner, your time much valued and your life much easier if you just download irootapk and delete these unwanted pre-installed apps.