Vaping Trumps Cigarettes

There is no doubt that since vaping came out, there has been a noticeable decrease in the number of smokers around the globe. There are many smokers who would say that the real essence of smoking is in cigarettes only but we think that the only thing is that cigarettes contain more nicotine than vaporizers. There is no denial about them being better than normal cigarettes but there are still people who would not leave the original cigarettes.

We support vaporizers because they are better than cigarettes in every way which is why we have come up with a vaping vs smoking comparison so that we can let our readers know why we support that. You might have heard people say that vaporizers cost less than the real ones and you probably think that all of that is bullocks. Let us explain how their cost is less as compared to the traditional ones.


When we say cost, we mean cost in terms of health too. Cigarettes cost a lot in terms of health because they contain huge amount of nicotine which is harmful to the body. Another chemical that is present in cigarettes is tar which is a black liquid and is absolutely hazardous to health. It is not a hidden secret that cigarettes cause serious illnesses, many of which have no cure and are fatal. On the other hand, vaporizers pose no such health risk as the quantity of chemicals in it is minimal.

Monetary Value

You probably think that cigarettes are cheaper than vaporizers but the truth is the opposite. Cigarettes might seem cheap at the time of purchase but if you keep a record of your every buy and add up all in the long term, you would notice that the amount is staggering. On the other hand, vaporizers do not cost much in the long run.