Daily Archive: March 5, 2018

Can You Make Your Own E-Juice?

E-cigarettes are the best thing to exist but if you are worried about the added cost then you can actually make their own juice in which you can create your own e-juice as that is the only component of an e-cigarette that can affect the budget. Many people buy e-cigarettes but then abandon the whole thing once they realize that they cannot afford the great quality e-juice that is available in the market but little do they know, they can make just as amazing e-juice all on their own and it would be cheaper and they would have a lot of control over the ratio of the ingredients.

For people who want to save on the cost of e-cigarettes, they should definitely try DIY ecigarette and e-juice and they can just watch and read the tutorials that are available on the internet. The things that you would need to make the juice are:


There are 4 major ingredients that you might need but you may not use them all depending upon your preferences; PG, nicotine, flavors and VG. PG is the propylene glycol but only purchase the one that is pharmaceutical graded. VG is vegetable glycerin and you would need a lot of it. Nicotine is bad for the body but if you want to add it then you can, depending upon the amount you are used to but remember to keep it away from bare skin and kids. Lastly, the flavor additives are anything that you like. You can keep the PG and VG in storage bottles with nozzles on.

Weighing Scales

You would need electronic scale to measure all the ingredients correctly.

E-Juice Bottles

These are the bottles that you would use to keep all your favorite homemade e-juice liquid in.