Daily Archive: January 23, 2019

Things to Know About Real Estate And Its Types

Real estate business mainly involves buying properties, working on them, and then selling them. It sounds simple and it is in no way simple. It requires a lot of work, time, and effort. The real estate business is never predictable. You have to work and work and it will be months before you make your first successful sale. You should be aware of all the do’s and don’ts of real estate to be successful.

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Types of Real Estate Properties

When you start a real estate business the first thing you should be aware of are the four basic types of real estate properties that exist.

Residential Real Estate

Vacation homes, condos, townhouses, all come under the category of residential real estates. These involve reselling of houses as well as new construction houses. It usually attracts customers that are looking for single-family homes.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate involves buildings for schools, hospitals, shopping malls, cinemas, public parks, etc. In some cases, apartment buildings also come under the umbrella of commercial real estate.


This category of real estate property includes vacant lands, farms, etc. The land may be used to construct anything that the buyer wants. It only involves the selling of the vacant land on your part as a real estate agent.

Industrial Real Estate

It is similar to commercial real estate, however, it is used for different purposes such as for factories or mills. They are usually in a location that is surrounded by other factories or mills, you can call the place an industrial area.