A Few Ideas to Signal Your Crush And Spice Things Up

Do you have this girl that you keep receiving these confusing signals from and you just can’t figure out where this is going? I know I have experienced my fair share of confusion in that lot. If only I knew about these interesting gag gift ideas at the time to make a bold move to pin it down to what is happening and go about what I wanted to for so long.

Sensual Gifts

If you feel like you have a chance with the girl or guy you have been eyeing and they are inviting you with different gestures, you can come on to them very strongly if you straight up ask for sex and it can go wrong in so many different ways. Asking for sex can be interpreted as you just want to do it with them, without any feelings.

The gag gift ideas are very innovative in a sense that you are sending out a very open message for an invitation without having to say anything. This can make things very interesting and if he and she wants to show further interest in you to continue down this road with you, he or she can ask you to play those gifts with you when you two find some alone time and space.

Take a Leap

Instead of closing your eyes while she or he is looking away and literally taking a leap with your lips pouted out, hoping that they want the same thing with you when they turn their head around towards you can be a little risky. If they do not want to follow up in a kiss, things can get very awkward between the two of you. Using gag gift ideas help in asking this question very securely.