Gaming Laptop vs. Gaming PC

Before we had consoles to play games on, PC gaming was the primary mode of gaming for everyone. We all have memories of sitting in front of our CRT monitors and playing games after school. Soon, we started shifting our gaming to consoles that had even more exciting games than what we got on our PCs back then but that still didn’t put the PC gaming trend out of business.

Even today, PC gaming still offers you the most immersive gaming experience with better graphics than ever before and more options of tweaking and modding games to get the most out of them. This is why making a decision to buy a gaming PC will always be a smart one. However, even when it comes to PC gaming, there are two paths you can take: the gaming laptop and the gaming desktop PC.

The most recent gaming laptops are on par with desktop PC builds in every what way; the GTX 10 series of GPUs from Nvidea come full sized in laptops just like they do in PCs and this puts laptops on the same performance level as desktop PCs. Gamin laptops are also offering mechanical keyboards and full HD screens that make the gaming experience even better. The only drawback there is to gaming laptops is the fact that they’re very expensive and that it’s hard to swap out parts in them for upgrades. Gaming desktop PCs are fully customizable and are more suited to the hobbyists amongst us who want to make their gaming rigs look unique and stand out more. You can learn more about cool ways to make your PC look unique at billig gaming dator. Which of the two you choose ultimately depends on how dedicated you want to be.