How is Physiotherapy Different From Massage Therapy

The first point that we would like to start off with is that there is vast difference between both therapies which is our main topic today. There are some population that do not know how the two are different from each other but we understand why the confusion between the two might arise. We are going to list down the differences on the basis of who performs each, when it is needed etc.

If you do not know the difference between the two then you would never know which one you need in any part of your life. One suggestion that we would like to provide is that if you are planning to get any of them done on yourself then always go to a professional who is famous in the field for the work that they do. Let’s start listing down the difference between the two different types of therapies.

Different Health Care Providers

The first difference that comes to mind is that two different types of health care professionals perform these two therapies. Physiotherapy is performed by a physiotherapist who has a Master’s degree in terms of education and has done a quite a lot of training before becoming a professional. Massage therapy is performed by a licensed and often certified massage therapists who necessarily did not earn education focused solely on massage therapy but professional massage therapists do generally have a lot of training under their belt.

Designed Package

Another big difference is that physiotherapists tend to formulate and design a whole package for their patients according to the physical complaint that they have as physiotherapy is long term. But with massage therapy, there is no such thing as most of the time it is short term and focuses on relaxing the client.