Multifuoco System® Fireplace Keeps The Hot Air Flowing

The fireplace systems provided by Calore are innovative with advanced technology that makes the entire system quite efficient. These systems are quite different from conventional systems of heating installed in many areas as they provide even heating to the entire space they are installed in, thanks to the latest technology used to manufacture and design them. With these systems you don’t have to stay near the fireplace to feel the warmth as these keep the temperature of the entire room the same from floor up to the ceiling. So no matter what area you are sitting in the same space, you will be comfortable in the evenly maintained temperature. This is called the Multifuoco System® that has been patented by the manufacturers after being perfected following extensive tests and research behind the technology at dedicated facilities. With the conventional heating systems, the air flow follows the conventional method in which hot air rises up and forms a layer right below the ceiling level whereas cooler air remains near the floor making the environment uncomfortable in colder conditions. In these newer fireplaces with Multifuoco System, the hot air is made to blow out from the bottom vent that prevents the hot air from staying close to the ceiling alone.

fireplace_wood_cape_town_46560_560_367To keep the air moving, the top vent in the system recollects the hotter air from the upper level of the space which is then made to flow from bottom vent back into the room or space after being reheated by the stove to maintain the temperature. This is a highly innovative and efficient fireplace system that will keep your indoors warm without making you uncomfortable. You can enjoy all parts of your interior space without having to huddle close to the fireplace as it will keep the entire space evenly heated up. You can find these innovative fireplaces South Africa at Calore stores.