The Native American Look

The Mohawk is a hairstyle that has been around for a really long time, it has been part of many cultures and heritages, the most notable being its use by the Mohawk people of Native America from where the hairstyle gets its name. Until recently the Mohawk was a hairstyle that was only limited to punks and rockers, giving it a label of a hairstyle that was only for rebels and delinquents, however, ever since the crew cut came back in fashion, the Mohawk has gained popularity as well and is now widely used hairstyle.

taper-fade-haircutMen and women have come up with a variety of ways to alter the Mohawk and make it their own, the most common way to wear this hairstyle is to have your head either completely or mostly shaved from the sides and then bunch the rest of the hair on top using hair products or simply by weaving it.The weave option is more popular amongst women since it doesn’t require you to have your hair cut short from the sides, but guys do it too. Another way to wear the Mohawk is to make patterns on your sides by leaving a fade and then using a smaller razor to further shave the head.

A Mohawk is a lot like a crew cut, but it requires more maintenance and doesn’t give the same neat and sharp look that can be achieved with a crew cut, but that doesn’t mean it looks good, everyone has their own unique style and while the Mohawk might not look good on one person another can easily rock it. You can find a variety of Mohawk designs online and get ideas from them if you ever feel like getting a Mohawk, whether you want to wear it with a rough and rebel look or a neat and formal one is completely up to you.